Students for Quality Education is part of Sac State Coalition, at California State University, Sacramento. We are part of a statewide movement to save our CSU system. Our administration keeps cutting classes, increasing tuition, and increasing class size. This is a grassroots effort, this is only the beginning. Our first movement began on April 13. All 23 campus’ had a day of action. At Sacramento State we occupied our administration building for 62 hours. We will continue to have local and statewide days of action to show the administration that we expect accountablity from them. We are fighting for education, for our futures, and we dont intend to give up!


6 Responses to About

  1. La Fats! says:

    In solidarity with the estudiantes. Thank you for your courage!!

  2. Comp@s,

    Your direct actions are greatly appreciated and follow in the footsteps of previous student generations that find it necessary to go beyond simply asking for justice. In solidarity!

  3. Good luck. It is your education – and your university. Demanding accountability and excellence is well worth your time.

  4. katrina pinkerton-lloyd says:

    Please contact me via email or cell phone. kittycametrue@msn.com or 707 592 9534. I have been interested in getting a march together on March 5th in solidarity with Occupy Edu’s 99 miles march from Berekely to the Capitol. I was told a group (maybe you) is already organizing said march. Contact me so I can help!

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