Call for Action!

Dear students of the CSU,

Are you tired of the price of college going up? Are you tired of not getting into the classes you need to graduate on time? Are you tired of the feeling that the people making these decisions don’t care about the students?

Then it’s time to do something about it. This is a Call for Action to the students of the CSU. This is our time. We need to band together and show the people at the top, who are not invested in our education, that we care, that we want things to change, and we are NOT going to take this lying down!

These budget cuts and tuition increases effect all of us. When students can’t afford to go to school full time, more students stay in school longer. When students can’t get the classes they need, then the courses become more impacted and everyone gets pushed behind a semester or two. When you get pushed back a semester or two that’s more money, that us broke college students don’t have, have to spend. Or it means another loan we have to take out. (Don’t get me started on the business of student loans, that can be another post) When you have to take out another student loan, that’s just more money you have to pay back after graduation, PLUS interest. If tuition keeps going up and up and up more and more students will apply for financial aid. The school does not have an infinite amount of money to give out. And what about the Cal grant and Pell grant? Those keep getting threatened at every budget committee hearing because its excessive spending. Well that excessive spending is what is sending most students in the country to college.

It is time to band together and raise such a ruckus that we make sure that the Board of Trustees and Chancellor (g)Reed can hear us! That we wont stand for their irresponsible behavior any more. These administrators are supposed to be safe guarding our education, and instead they are squandering our money on themselves. This injustice has to stop!

We are here for ourselves and the quality of our education, but for the students who come after us. If we can’t get our classes or graduate on time, what can the future hold for the students after us?

What kind of legacy will we leave behind? We must stand up and fight!

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