It is our time to use it.

Us students at SQE have been hard at work. Hard at work doing what you might ask? Well lets go over the problems with our current system.

How many have had a tough time getting into required classes?

How many have had to drop classes because you can’t afford the tuition?

How many of you can afford all your books?

How many of you are looking at an uncertain future because school is too expensive?

How many are taking out more student loans? ( I know I am)

There are many other hurdles that face the students of the CSU, more than what I already posted. And what is our administration doing about these problems? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. These administrators are supposed to be the people who safe guard my education. They are the care takers of this fabulous institution of Higher Education. This is their job. They are supposed to be standing up for the students and fighting for us! Instead they sit back and watch as the Capitol cuts so deep into the heart of education that we are bleeding out. They give themselves raises, instead of putting the money back into schools so our universities can offer more classes. They come up with new plans to make it even harder for students to graduate!

This is unacceptable!

So what as students can we do about it?

We have the power. We can make them listen to us.

So students I want you to channel your inner Martin, Malcom, Gloria, Cesar, or whoever you look up to and channel their spirit and speak up!

We have the power. We have the voice. It is our time to use it.

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