Two Students and Professor Arrested

Sac State Coalition in solidarity with the California Teachers Association.

Jesse, Estevan and Professor Vega arrested Day 1 of Sacramento Capitol sit in. In protest of cuts to education.

They are being charged with trespassing skiing on close trail. It is considered a misdemeanor and they have to pay a $1000 fine. Court date June 1st.

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One Response to Two Students and Professor Arrested

  1. Misconception says:

    The common misconception is that schools are in control of admin pay. For the most part, I think that that is untrue. The unions have most of the control over pay. Their collective bargaining rights are much more powerful than any of our voice can ever be. They’re bullies. Granted, their presence is needed in some facets of our economic engine. But in many places, the unions are driving our nation into the ground. I am a socialist and much of what you student protestors are aiming for are socialist principles (distribution of wealth). I believe that your protests are a disruption that is unwelcomed to us students who want and need to go to class. Let’s aim for education not protestation. It’s ironic that you protestors are causing so much disruption that it is further taxing our already taxed university in order to deal with “trouble-makers.” I’m a firm believer in “the little things.” Instead of protesting and causing unneeded expenses for our schools–expenses that are more useful for funding our education rather than your misinformed and misguided protestations–why don’t we lend a hand to our schools? In particular, I would suggest we encourage our peers to actually go to the classes they sign up for instead of dropping. Let’s encourage our peers not to be slobs and pick up after ourselves. Let’s encourage our peers to do their homework, and study and put a good effort into graduating in 4 years. Let’s start a grassroots effort to clean the campuses that will eventually prove to be invaluable to our future success. Let’s find ways to lower energy costs for the campus. Let’s find ways to bring businesses to invest in our schools. Let’s graduate and find successful jobs and donate to an institution responsible for our success, which would show our gratitude to the faculty, staff, and campus that has developed our young, eager minds. Furthermore, it is not the school’s fault that our education costs so much. Everyone bears the burden of blame.

    –Your fellow student, set for graduation December 2011

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