Victory for the Sac State 4

As of Monday afternoon, the Sac State 4, who were singled out by the administration walked away with no serious repercussions. After several meetings with the conduct officer, the students walked away with a verbal warning. The two policies that the school stated we violated were, “time, place, and manner” and “no camping or lodging”.

The process that the school has set up for any student that is faced with a disciplinary notice is flawed. Before the initial meeting you are not givin any information regarding your case, the only answer you will recieve is that “all your questions will be aswered at the meeting”. You are not allowed an attorney at any point in the proceedings, and this particular order comes from President Gonzalez. The Sac State 4 feel that the process could be changed and that information regarding student conduct should be made more accessible to students.

The Sac State 4 acknowledge that they could not have done this on thier own. The overwhelming support of the students, the faculty Academic Senate, the community and legislative aided in the victory.

Now that this distraction is over we can move forward with the movement and continue to fight for higher education. Come to the Capital on May 9th – 13th for a “Wisconsin Style” occupation sponsored by the California Teachers Association.

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One Response to Victory for the Sac State 4

  1. Dani says:

    “The student shall have the right of due process and appeal in matters of student discipline, as prescribed by California State University Student Conduct Procedures, copies of which are available in the office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. The student shall be considered innocent unless proven guilty.

    At their request, all students shall have the right to counsel during any questioning by any University official that may reasonably lead to initiation of any disciplinary action. The right to counsel may be exercised at any time during questioning in which the student feels that he/she is in need of counsel. ”

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