All-Campus Forum on student activism and campus community

In conjunction with students and the broader campus community, the California Faculty Association has called an all-campus meeting regarding the events of the week of April 13, including the rally that CFA helped organize, the student occupation of Sacramento Hall, and the administration’s use of riot police to remove students from Sacramento Hall at 3:30AM Saturday morning.

The meeting will take place on:
Thursday 4/28 from 1-2:30PM
in the Forest Suite of the University Union. 

All members of the campus community are invited to attend, as is the news media. Student activists and CSU staff, and faculty members will be on hand to answer questions and lead the discussion. This will be an open discussion for all to participate in, facilitated by students.

The need for such a meeting is clear.Many issues need to be discussed, among them these that are of concern to the Sacramento State Chapter of the California Faculty Association:

The campus administration has made insinuations both to the news media and in their own communications to the campus that the students who sat in for three days and nights at Sacramento Hall were put up to this by the faculty union.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We at CFA, which represents the CSU faculty, were as surprised as anyone when the students decided to stay in Sacramento Hall on Wednesday April 13, after a day of rallies and activities that we in fact did organize to address cuts and policies that we believe are undermining the quality of public higher education in our state.

But once the students has taken this course of action, CFA provided some support to the students by sending e-mails to the campus community and interested people, forwarding their public statements, and providing some food, water, and art supplies. Faculty members  did not participate in the decision-making process of the students.. 

It is offensive to the faculty, an injustice to our students and blindness to the critical pressure students are under in light of cuts and cost increases to suggest that students are not capable of undertaking their own analysis and moving to take action based on what they are witnessing and experiencing.

We in the Sacramento State campus chapter of CFA are proud of watching them stand up to exercise their First Amendment rights to speech and peaceful assembly, rights that are dear to our democracy.

Furthermore, the university’s managementhas claimed that it spent $14,000 in police overtime because of the occupation. This is yet another example of the administration’s misplaced priorities, wasting the precious resources it has. The students maintained a non-violent, peaceful protest with no destruction of property. They were well aware that public university property really belongs to them. There was no need for management to call in police in riot gear at 3:30 in the morning to remove these protesting students. All of this could have been handled much better.

These are some of the issues that will be raised at the open forum.

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