We won’t give up

On Tuesday April 19th the students at Sac State held a vigil for the “Death of our Education”. We had a couple hundred students come out and support the movement. Our message continued; that we as students are fighting for the quality of our education, we are against the budget cuts, and we want to fix the corruption in our administration. We had tombstones that students filled out with their own personal stories about how the budget cuts are effecting them. Many students came to the front and spoke to the crowd about their own stories, and why they were out supporting the movement. One of our successes of the day was educating students as they walked to class, and getting out our message and our goals and what we demand of our administration.

During the course of the vigil we had enough people that we did two spontaneous marches to Sacramento Hall (the administration building) with the tombstones so the administration knew exactly how the students felt. Both times police met us at the front doors and did not allow us inside, they barricaded the front with their bicycles. One the second march they had posted signs that read “Sac Hall is closed by order of the administration”.

During the vigil we collected donations to order ‘solidarity’ pizza to send to CSU Fullerton who is currently occupying their administration building, they have been there since Monday. Go Fullerton!

At the end of the day a few of our organizers gave a radio interview with a show called “The Beautiful Struggle” which you can listen here if you click on the link. http://archive.kpfk.org/parchive/

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2 Responses to We won’t give up

  1. Lindsay J. says:

    They were actually taping the signs to the glass doors as we marched up during the first march! It was pretty hilarious 🙂 The lady looked frantic. Alan yelled, “The copies are still warm!”

  2. Ever seen a Lion being chased by a mouse…asks the Speaker of the House
    the Great California General Strike…attains Almightily as we’d like
    the boycott of labor so too of schools…shows DC and the world we’re nobodies fools
    for true freedom do we thirst ?….FREE all factory farm animals 1st
    so too the Wild American Mustang Horse
    if the Strength of Almighty’s Love thru your bloodlines Due COURSE
    send this here message to all of your friends
    for the road goes on forever and the party never ends
    start ten million new gardens during all of this DRAMA
    as the STRIKE cuts the Puppeteer strings thereby freeing Obama
    all guaranteed the power of the STRIKE is hardly a trick
    deceivers say Democracy but we were gifted a Republic
    so too by the Iroquois the gift of the CONSTITUTION
    so poorly comprehended yet it’s part of the True ReSolution
    and the STRIKE shall not end so all to be Clear
    until we have freed politikal prisoners most especially Leonard Peltier

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