April 19, Vigil

The following is  a press release:

The Death of Education; the Rebirth of Our Movement

The Sac State Coalition is holding a vigil on Tuesday from noon to six in the Sac State Library quad to mourn the death of funding for higher education for our CSU system and to honor the rebirth of the student movement to protest the educational funding situation. Students and supporters are asked to wear black on Tuesday.

This is a also a symbolic action in response to aggressive action from campus administration. This is a also a stand against the administration’s use of intimidation toward students early Saturday morning when riot police were deployed to Sacramento Hall and non violent students were threatened with the use of force.

This is our next step. We want to make sure that our administration knows we are still here and we are going to keep fighting. People are encouraged to give ‘eulogies’ or personal stories about how the budget cuts and higher tuition have effected them.

We encourage other CSU’s around the state to have their own vigil, at at place and time that works best for them. But lets see if we can make this statewide, we know this is short notice, but it will catch the administration offguard because at the moment they think they’ve won. But we all know different!

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2 Responses to April 19, Vigil

  1. Amend Prop13, via a Ballot Initiative, utilizing a Split-Roll to Protect Homeowners already protected under prop13, while taxing Corp Commercial property @ full cash-value, is a viable logical solution to Ca’s budget problems. The people working together must accomplish the task — The Ca legislator will never Amend Prop13.

    Join Us on Facebook groups.

    Thank You

  2. Never give up, never surrender…

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