staying power

We have had a fantastic Friday with all the love and support shown to Sac State, thank you everyone! We had students come in from San Jose State, SF State, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Davis you guys are awesome. Our faculty continued to stop by with their classes and we continue to educate about the movement. We can’t wait to see where this road takes us.

We had a press conference at 4pm with local media, which was successful. We responded to President Gonzalez’ position to our demands. We are not satisfied with his response. We feel that as our president that he should be on the side of the students, which he is not.

So its the weekend and we are STAYING!! We will not leave until threatened with police action. We are a non violent group and will stay that way.

We are so empowered that we have so much support from our campus and all throughout the state of California and the nation all the way to Cornell and to the progressive student union at George Washington University. Even a group in Glasgow, Scotland is reaching out to us and supporting us. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Its you that keeps us going, if it were just a small isolated group we could not have made it this far.

We are entering our 52nd hour of occupation and going strong!

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  2. Amy Brinkley says:

    Hey everyone!
    Can’t say how proud I am of everyone who has committed their time, energy, and efforts to fighting for the rights of students, of today and of future generations to come. I was able to be with you guys Thursday, and I’ve spoken to everyone I know about what’s happening, and where we’re standing together.
    I’m from Southern CA and have been giving hourly updates to my sisters at CSU San Marcos. They are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with you. The Sociology department at CSUSM is looking to you as a model of action. They in fact had demonstrations against Gonzales’ politics when he was their president in recent years. I will continue to keep the state updated through my channels of information, and will be with you Monday to see where this thing is headed.
    Be safe, be proud. The whole system is looking to you!

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  4. Walter Kawamoto says:

    Are you still there? Can I send you pizza?

  5. Monica says:

    Are you lock in all weekend or is the building open Sat/Sun ? – I have some fractions of time that I have come and will continue to come. Also can drop off more supplies if needed.
    Monica Souza, CSUS-ESSA

  6. Thea Pell says:

    I’m reposting a comment to Sac State left on the ReclaimUC blog about the occupation:

    Julia Wallace | April 15, 2011 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    Solidarity from Los Angeles! I am an active member of the LA March 4th Committee to Defend Public Education and Social Services. Keep up the fight-La lucha sigue Sigue!

    You are taking on the task that students, parents, teachers and faculty need to and using whatever means necessary to force the President to acknowledge you. Students are a strong and militant force. And although we are in the front we can not WIN without the workers in the occupation, on strike and in the streets with us! At the same time- we are also not puppets of any bureaucratic group or institution. We are fighting for our own ideas and minds in school- we need to fight for them in the movement!
    Discuss and debate with your fellow students, teachers and faculty. Urge the rank and file to say outloud what you know is true. The Democrats are responsible for these cuts as much as the Republicans are! Chancellor Reed is a Democrat and he is along list of other Democrats who are singing for the cuts when they know there are billionaires, banks and corporations making record profits.

    Dont be afraid to say what you think even if some of the higher ups want you to tow the line. Be independent and argue for your ideas! Thats what we are fighting for in school, right?

    Some of you realize that we must escalate our tactics in order to win the battle for education and have more than just students occupying. This is not theatrical- its real talk! Repeating your example at the schools, workplaces and communities Statewide and Nationwide. In short a General Strike for education and social services. For jobs and for immigrant rights! In 2006 the students walked out, took over freeways and occupied buildings. Their parents and their coworkers refused to work to demand immigrant rights. They defeated HR4437 and they demanded respect. That is what is needed and more of it to win the battle for public education. To win the Class War we must have all weapons available.
    The Strike is the most powerful. The occupations are the rallying cry!

    Thank you for standing strong and standing together. We are support you, we fight side by side with you and we will win!

    Venceremos (We Will Win)

    Julia Wallace
    LA March 4th Committee to Defend Public Education and Social Services

  7. Naomi Bahm says:

    Keep up the great work! YOU can make a difference! Do you still want classes to come by on Monday? If so, I may bring some for you…

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