SQE meeting

The next Students for Quality Education meeting will be Saturday April 16 in Eureka Hall room 435. At 4pm. Be there or be square 🙂

We will be planning next steps and what we future events.

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7 Responses to SQE meeting

  1. sunshineMountainGirl says:

    What time is the meeting?

  2. Ashley says:

    I know I’ll be there! 4pm right?

  3. Nicole Matthews says:

    Is there any way we can communicate with everyone there while you’re in the building this weekend? Maybe I want to send you guys jokes or play games to help keep you entertained 🙂

  4. Ren Hudson says:

    Hey everyone! as a student who occupied that building from Wed till Friday night all I have to say is I AM PROUD OF ALL THE STUDENTS THERE and all the SUPPORTERS! What we are doing is only the begining. That is our space and were keeping it. I may have left the building but my heart is still in there! We are all still fighting and I will help with that fight on the lawn outside the building everyday I am not in there myself! This is not the end till we have ended the war, which means this will continue for YEARS! Lets keep it up!

    • Ren Hudson says:

      p.s. lasting for years just means keep fighting till chancellor Reed is retired and the future of all CSU will be focused on QUALITY EDUCATION

  5. minh tran says:

    Great Job!

    You have my support ! I won’t be attending this meeting but I am sure Ren can update me on info. Would gladly help in any way I can!

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