Riot Police

The following is a short press that was released to a local news channel about the events that occured early this morning:

This morning on the fourth day, April 16 at 3:24 A.M. we were met with the administration’s opposition expressed through a riot taskforce.

Earlier that morning at approximately 12:30 A.M CSUS police entered the building for the first time accompanied with San Francisco State police. We were told that the new forces were needed, and that our own police were showing them the layout of our building. At this time we asked to be updated about the situation and we were refused that request.

Our police liaison Yeimi Lopez, again approached CSUS police with questions and she was told that they could no longer release information, and that they were following the orders given to them.

At 3:24 AM there was a police officer at the front doors unlocking the entrance, when asked what was happening and why, we were told that he could not answer that question. At the same time police were assembling in a militant formation with full riot gear, batons, and a large amount of zip ties. They were approaching sleeping students from multiple directions within the building. They threatened with force that if we did not leave we would face arrest. Our police liaison met with Lieutenant Christine Lofthouse that if we did not leave the peaceful demonstration that we would face arrest.

When the police moved in to take action there were only about 4 students awake out of 27. The campus police felt that it was necessary to wear full riot gear, and act in a threatening manner to a completely non violent student movement.


We were approched from two different directions, and they slowly advanced on us students, and continued until we were all outside, where the police preceeded to lock the doors using the zip ties that were already prepared. Then baricaded the front entrance by personally blocking it with a line of officers.

Now we are reasonable people and we understand the police did not take it upon themselves to act this way. In order to take such extreme actions they were given this command from the administration.

After having a great line of communication between our police liaison and the CSUS police, it is odd that suddenly that line of communication was cut off. The police would know first hand how we act and that we are truly a non violent group. We kept our space clean, and respected the property.

We ask that as others read this keep in mind that although we were threatened with force and we ‘voluntarily’ left as a group we still consider this action a SUCCESS. The type of action we take and the type of change we are demanding will take time. This is not a 100 meter dash, this is a marathon. This is only the beginning, we are committed and we will see this through. To put it in the words a fellow activist said “even though we walked away from our sit in, we have not walked away from our movement”.

Please know that we hear your support loud and clear and that it is so energizing to our group to know that we have such widespread support. I dont think our administrations are preapared for us, and everything we are capable of.

Lets keep on keeping on folks!

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16 Responses to Riot Police

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  2. Nicole Matthews says:

    3 AM confrontation = no press + sleepy minds + element of surprise ….. Hmm….

  3. Kally Kedinger-Cecil says:

    I cannot believe they sent in riot police. On SLEEPING STUDENTS!!!

  4. Matt says:

    Good for you Sac State Police!

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  6. sarah says:

    you all kick ass! solidarity from davis!

  7. Rebel 2 says:

    enhorabuena, que siga la lucha.

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  9. DCO says:

    I retired from CSUS this January… I want to send, from Brasil, my solidarity and praise to all of you folks!

    Estou muito orgulho de vocês!

  10. ren says:

    although you all werent prepaired for the police at 3ish in the morning you were prepaired in not changing your actions of peace. they may have been scary, as police need to be, none of you want to fight back because that is not the point. choosing the moral high ground is going all the way in this movement. You mean business through mature smart actions. The peacefulness of you all are what makes a difference! yes you may not be in the building but you are in the movement! it is not going to stop. si se pude!

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  12. minh tran says:

    Check out what the CSUS police department has posted about the situation

  13. Dan Brook says:

    Keep fighting for your rights. Their cowardly use of riot police against peaceful student protesters is a sign of their weakness, a sign that they’re losing legitimacy, a sign that they are morally bankrupt regardless of the budget, a sign that history is on our side. Keep fighting for your rights.

  14. Amber Massey says:

    I do believe the full on riot gear and extra enforcement was more of an act of intimidation rather than out of necessity…….

  15. GWU-PSU says:

    Good action guys.

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