Just the Demands

At 7:00am on April 14 we came up with a list of three demands for President Gonzalez.

1. A moratorium on managerial raises and salaries; Funding must be focused on instruction and student services.

2. Publicly support AB 1326. The oil extraction fee for higher ed bill.

3. Publicly support SB 8. The transparency bill.

AB 1326 would charge a tax to the oil companies that drill for oil in the state of California. California is the only state that does not charge some kind of tax for the extraction of oil. The revenue recieved from this tax would be specifically for higher education. This would ensure that the CSU system had sustainable income.

SB 8 would make the CSU budget transparent. We do not know exactly how much money the CSU recieves and where that money goes. There is no accountability.

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4 Responses to Just the Demands

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  2. Ashley says:

    You should post when and where the next SQE meeting is. I know I would love to attend and hear more.

  3. * says:

    Might I humbly suggest you add the following demand:
    -No charges will be followed against student demonstrators.

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