April 13

The CSU system is failing, plain and simple. Chancellor Reed and the Board of Trustees continue to raise tuition (a rumored 18% increase for next Fall), cut classes, and increase class size. Tuition has been increasing unpredictably since 2002, and by cutting classes students have to postpone graduation, and by increasing class size they are decreasing the quality of our education. We, as students, are tired of it!!

On April 13 students in the CSU system showed our administration that we are fed up with ‘business as usual’. Every CSU campus had a demonstration of some kind, be it a rally, march, or sit-in. At California State University, Sacramento we had a walk out at 12:20pm and a rally at 12:30pm. We had 1,500 students show up at the rally and voice their dissatisfaction with our administration. Those 1,500 students then marched as one to our administration building, Sacramento Hall, and occupy it.

President Gonzalez was absent from the University, as were the other 22 campus Presidents.  Unable to meet with our President we presented our Vice President with over 900 signed petitions supporting our demands. Because we were unable to meet with President Gonzalez, we stayed until the building closed, at 5:30pm. At that time we again spoke with our Vice President, who said that he would personally talk to the President and give him the demands. We asked the V.P. if we could send a delegation of three students with him when he meets with the President. He told us that he could not promise that because he could not make decisions on behalf of someone else. Then he went home. Collectivly we decided that we would not leave. As a group we would not leave until we could have our meeting with President Gonzalez. The campus police were respectful of us because we are a peaceful and nonviolent movement, and didn’t keep us from spending the night in the building.

At 7:00am on April 14 we came up with a list of three demands for President Gonzalez.

1. A moratorium on managerial raises and salaries; Funding must be focused on instruction and student services.

2. Publicly support AB 1326. The oil extraction fee for higher ed bill.

3. Publicly support SB 8. The transparency bill.

AB 1326 would charge a tax to the oil companies that drill for oil in the state of California. California is the only state that does not charge some kind of tax for the extraction of oil. The revenue recieved from this tax would be specifically for higher education. This would ensure that the CSU system had sustainable income.

SB 8 would make the CSU budget transparent. We do not know exactly how much money the CSU recieves and where that money goes. There is no accountability.

When we met with President Gonzalez and presented him with our three demands he refused all three without even hesitating. He gave us many reasons as to why he could not support the Senate and Assembly bills, along with the moratorium on salaries. He did say that he would post our demands and his response to each one on the Sac State homepage. As of 3:30pm April 14th, this has yet to be done. President Gonzalez also conceded to sending out a email to every student, faculty and staff member with a link to a message published by the student movement. As of 3:30pm April 14th, this has yet to be done. We have not yet decided if we will spend another night in Sacramento Hall.

Our movement is growing, our numbers are growing. Through social networking sites, such as facebook and twitter (and now this blog!) we are getting the word out to our fellow students and our community. Every student has a personal story about how they have been affected by the budget cuts. We are sharing our stories at our sit in and learning that we are not alone in this fight.

The CSU system is a People’s University. Which means it should be affordable to the people. Education is not a privledge it is a right. We as students have to fight for our higher education, if we leave it to President Gonzalez and Chancellor Reed they will run it into the ground. April 13th was just the beginning, there is more to come. Much more to come. So I will end this post with….


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One Response to April 13

    1)We are all being screwed by the BANKERS (the same ones who arranged the execution of JF Kennedy, King and so many others) yes the bankers behind every war, genocide, Depressions, Recessions…the same who have arranged for the SUBSIDIZATION here of OIL so too all pork and beef( in other words the blood of the Earth and the animals…the Least of Me)

    2)California Students I pray have found their Voice and Courage…..a General Strike, a Boycott of School (on behalf of True FREEDOM)….for Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Dr Jeffrey MacDonald, factory farmed animals, 3rd Class Slave Status Farm Workers and YES YOU !!!!!….You stand to GAIN EVERYTHING and will be upon the Greatest Adventure of your Life……might you lose some tuition ???? NO…YOU ALL will be in charge..Ever seen a Lion be ordered around by a Mouse ??? Well YOU are the LION and the DC so too your schools Administrations are the mouse

    3) California does not need the rest of this country…but they need us, don’t they ?

    4) Peltier, Jamal and Dr MacDonald did challenge this corruption before most of you were even a twinkle in your parents eyes…and they DID THIS 4 YOU !!!!
    Each has been down over 30 years and the WORLD knows they be INNOCENT.

    5) I am Obi Won Kanobe and you STUDENTS are the California Jedi Knights
    brought here to this place to finish the fight of all fights

    6) Contact OATHKEEPERS and Vietnam Veterans to see if they will stand with you…call me 707-528-8211, “Cactus Pete”
    for I will certainly stand not only with you BUT between you and the Cops…..

    7)Double Down and Double Up with and/for the GREAT CALIFORNIA Migrant Worker Vineyard Strike….till all vineyards be ORGANIC
    …till half of ALL GRAPES be used for FREE GRAPEJUICE for gradeschoolers
    …till EVERY SECOND ROW of EVERY vineyard workers be growing veggies , greens
    herbs and flowers (together w students) and the workers keep 90% to sell or barter directly to the public(no middlemen)

    8)For ONCE LEARN the gift of the Iriquios…the Constitution the way it was meant to be utilized…see…Ronintruth.blogspot.com…most excellent youtubes

    9)BRING all together for the cause worthy of Greatest Applause……the BLM murderous roundups to the slaughterhouse of Wild American Mustangs…..horsemeat flown to France….yeah, yeah, the same France that sent us the Statue of Liberty is also the same France flying American jets to bomb women and children in Libya

    10) California Students….this is your Destiny…you are the most powerful students on the planet…take these truths and concerns then be standing on GRANITE….
    I promise you with all me Heart and Soul that the FORCE BE with YOU…
    and that FORCE BE ALMIGHTY……..with a Love so Fierce all illusions to Pierce

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